Date: 11th July 2022

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files downloaded to your browser which store and retrieve information while you use the Internet. They allow you to browse web pages efficiently, obtain information about your browsing history and execute certain functions.

Types and purposes of cookies

According to the time frame during which they remain active they can be:

  • Session: Designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a website. And
  • Persistent: The data are still stored on the user’s terminal and can be accessed and processed depending on the expiration date set by the person responsible for the cookie. This can be for a few minutes or several years.

Cookies can also be classified according to who creates or manages them, the following being distinguished:

  • Own: Those generated by the website being visited itself, which are owned by the website publisher and for which the latter is liable. And
  • Third-party: They are received when you browse a website, but they have been generated by a third-party who owns and is liable for them.

Cookies may also be classified according to their purpose. The KAIKU website uses cookies which allow it to operate and provide the services offered on it (necessary cookies), as well as for other purposes, as specified below:

Third-party cookies:

PurposeDescriptionThird partiesRetention period
Analysis or measurementThey enable user behaviour to be tracked and analysed. The information collected through this type of cookies is used for measuring website activity (such browser use, the number of new visitors and the impact of advertising), in order to introduce improvements based on the analysis of the use made by site users.Google
(cómo utiliza Google las cookies, tipos de cookies que utiliza Google e información sobre Google Analytics)
24 months
Behavioural advertisingThey allow the collection of information on user behaviour, obtained through the continuous observation of their browsing habits, to develop a specific profile and display personalised advertising based on the same.Google/Doubleclick (cómo utiliza Google las cookies, tipos de cookies que utiliza Google e información sobre cookies publicitarias)
Sizmek (
AdForm (
3 months
24 months
24 months
Youtube CookiesWhen providing its services, YouTube uses different types of cookies, including preference or personalisation cookies, – volume, video quality – and personalised advertising, that is, advertising carried out based on a profile constructed in accordance with the user’s browsing habits.YouTube (cómo utiliza Google las cookies y tipos de cookies que utiliza Google)24 months

Disabling or deleting Cookies

To configure or reject cookies, the user can use the settings panel at the following link: Modify or withdraw consent.

In addition to the options to activate and deactivate included in the settings panel, the user can allow or block cookies, as well as delete their browsing data (this includes the cookies themselves) from the browser they are using. To do this, the user can consult the options and instructions offered by their browser.

Some third parties also offer opt-out systems or other solutions to prevent the use of data collected through their cookies:

If you agree to the use of third-party cookies and then reject them, some of these cookies will remain installed on your device. If you want to delete them, you can do so from your browser, as indicated above in this same section.

Please note that if you refuse or block the use of cookies, your experience on our website may be limited regarding the functionalities specified in paragraph 2, and, among other consequences, it may be possible that:

All or part of the services provided through it cannot be offered correctly and with standard quality levels, it may even be possible that they cannot be offered at all,
The website will not be able to perform analytics on visitors and traffic, which will make it difficult for the website to compete, and
It will not be possible to customise your geographic preferences such as time zone, currency, or language.

Other information about data protection

This section provides information regarding the processing of personal data and completes the information provided in the other sections of this cookie policy and in the Privacy Policy.

Data recipients: Third parties identified in section 2 “Types and purposes of cookies”.

Profiling: The user’s navigation can be observed to create a profile in the terms of and for the purposes indicated in section 2 “Types and purposes of cookies” of this cookie policy. For further details, you can consult the privacy policies of the third parties identified in this section.

Transfers to third countries: KAIKU does not perform international data transfers.